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Voc Rocks 2020 Information for Students Yr 7 to 10 and Parents

Courage • Creativity • Resilience • Respect

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Parent and Student Information Guide to 2020 Voc Rocks

Inquiry-based Short Courses for Year 7-10 students

Think Outside the Box!

During Week 8 & 9 of Term 4, students in Years 7 to 10 are offerred the opportunity to participate in short courses with a focus on Inquiry based learning.  Students are asked to nominate the courses they would like to participate in.  A number of courses involve travelling off site and will need to have accompanying consent forms signed before they are able to participate.

We hope Voc Rocks 2020 provides lots of opportunities for staff and students to connect and build relationships as well as try something or learn something new.

More information for Parents and Students can be found via the link below.

VOC ROCKS 2020 More Information