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Indigenous students at Windsor from Years 9 to 12 are given the opportunity to participate in the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME Program) at Mawson Lakes University of South Australia Campus. AIME provides mentoring and educational services for Indigenous high school students across South Australia. The objective of AIME is provide extra support, belief, guidance and skills to achieve success in school and in a future pathway, whether that be training, employment of university. AIME mentors provide students with belief and a positive environment so they can have confidence in their identity and feel pride in their culture.


YEAR 9 – Interactive Program covering topics such as art, drama, respect and pathways to success.

YEAR 10 – Leadership Program covering topics such as racism, public speaking and drugs and alcohol.

YEAR 11 – Leadership and Development Program covering topics such as resilience, study/life balance and the power of thank you.

YEAR 12 – Transition Program covering the next chapter of life once school has been completed.