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Food at Break Times

During recent weeks there have been increasing numbers of students leaving the school grounds to obtain food from various shopping outlets.

  • Please ensure that your students know they are NOT to leave the school grounds AT ANY TIME during the school day to purchase or pick up food orders.
  • They are NOT permitted to use the UBER Eats delivery service (or any other delivery service).  UBER drivers do not have DCSI clearance to interact with young people at school and therefore their activities must be actively policed at all times by staff.

Avenues College expects that students will follow one or more of the following :

  • Students are to come to the college prepared with their own food for the day
  • Purchase from the College Canteen through which a variety of food is available at break times throughout the day.

Please note :

If students forget their lunch and parents/caregivers bring it to the school, they must drop it off at the Front Office - handing lunches through/over the school fences is NOT permitted due to safety concerns.

Students not adhering to the policy are putting their personal safety at risk and will attract consequences as per the College Behaviour Policy.

Any student who requires food to be supplied due to emergency or family circumstances will be referred to the College Wellbeing Team.  Parents and Caregivers are invited to discuss any concerns in these instances with the Wellbeing Team.

Please remember your personal safety is paramount at Avenues College.