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Laptop Program - BYOD

Avenues College is committed to ensuring all students have access to modern learning tools and challenging curriculum as part of its aim to ‘engage all students in diverse, rich and futures oriented learning experiences’.

To support this Avenues College has explored options for families to purchase personal portable devices for their students. Below is a set of minimum computing specifications that are required for your BYO device to be compatible with the school network, maximise the benefits and minimise the problems for students.

Recommended hardware requirements are:

  • Processor: Pentium or i3 or better (i5, i7)
  • RAM (memory): 8 Gb or more
  • Wireless: 802.11b/g/n (standard)
  • Battery Life: Minimum 6 hour battery life as we cannot provide charging facilities during the day, except in a genuine emergency
  • Windows 10 operating system as a minimum
  • Size: Please think about the size and weight of the device for your child to transport and store.  A maximum size of 15.6” would be highly recommended.
  • Please ensure that the device, if already owned, is no older than 2 years as hardware improvement has progressed rapidly and older devices generally do not perform as efficiently.

Devices that are not recommended for our environment are:

  • Ipads
  • Android tablets

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to explore this option for 24/7 access to ICT for your student.

Information on the Recommended ICT Device   ICT DEVICE 2018

Link to Portal to Order/Buy with Finance     ICT Order Portal

We are currently updating our Learning Technoloy Policy for Use.

Any further information you require on the purchase, care and use of the devices can be directed to the McKay Ave site on  8261 2733.