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Aboriginal Education

The Aboriginal Education staff at Avenues College aim to provide Aboriginal students with curriculum support (specifically literacy and numeracy) in accordance with the DECD Aboriginal Strategy - 

The staff aim to :

  • To re-inforce that Aboriginal education is everybody's business and the implementation of the DECD Aboriginal Strategy needs commitment from all staff.
  • To commit to specific strategies that ensure Aboriginal students at Avenues College have attendance, numeracy and literacy outcomes that are comparable to all students.
  • To ensure strong connections are developed and maintained with our Aboriginal families and community.
  • To connect with organisations and agencies which can benefit and support our students and families.
  • To work hard to ensure a safe and positive atmosphere for all Aboriginal students and their families.
  • To support students so that they are given every opportunity through appropriate resources to reach their academic and social potential as a student and beyond.
  • To work closely with all teachers to ensure that Aboriginal students are supported and on track with their studies.
  • To assist students and families with the transition processes throughout their schooling experieince and then on to further study or employment (Career Pathways).
  • To ensure Aboriginal cultural sharing and awareness are implemented, developed and maintained for all staff and students.

The Aborigianl Education staff at Avenues College connect with the following organisations :

  • SAASTA (South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy)
  • Port Adelaide Football Club (Power Cup)
  • The Adelaide Football Club (AFC McLeod Centre of Excellence Leadership Program)
  • Reconcilliation SA
  • The Workabout Centre
  • Marringga Turtpandi Health Service
  • Dental SA
  • Centrelink
  • Wyatt Benevolent Association