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Breakfast Program

Beatty Ave Site

Our Primary Years Breakfast Club runs each morning from 8:15 – 8:45. This is supported by Kickstart for Kicks, parent volunteers and our students. We are fortunate to receive donations from the wider community and these are much appreciated. Students are regularly delighted with their choices which include, yoghurt, cereal, fruit, toast , pancakes, eggs and toasted breakfast sandwiches. Both parents and students are welcome in Breakfast Club and we are thankful to all of the people who help to make it happen every day.

McKay Ave Site

The Breakfast Program runs every Wednesday morning from approximately 8am until the bell for Care Group. This program is run by a group of volunteers from our local churches. This is a FREE Breakfast Program for all students and staff set up outside of the Reource Centre. Stop by for some delicious pancakes, bacon and egg sandwiches, juice and much more!

We will also offer all students FREE breakfasts on Tuesdays and Fridays in addition to the weekly Wednesday Breakfast Program. This will include yoghurt, toast, cereal and much more!